Note from Mike Herron re: 9/23 Meeting

posted Sep 29, 2008, 11:27 AM by Brian Johnson   [ updated Sep 29, 2008, 11:47 AM ]

The following information comes from a note I received from Mike Herron (KC Parks & Rec) regarding our 9/23 community meeting.  Also, please note that Mike's contact information is at the bottom of this post. 

I thought the meeting with the neighborhood went well. It appears that we have a good beginning and consensus on park priorities. I have reviewed your meeting notes and find them to be accurate. Thank you!

Also, following are some notes that I prepared following our meeting:

  • Top priorities for park improvements are an appropriately sized playground and a walking path/nature trail.
  • A strong desire exists to preserve as much of the natural area as is possible.
  • Future neighborhood clean-ups of park were discussed as a possibility.
  • First action item is removal of the existing picnic table and trash can. ACCOMPLISHED 9-26-08
  • Second, Richard Allen will visit the park and evaluate three possible sites for a small to moderate size play area. Richard Allen will visit the park week of 9-29-08. At the next meeting Richard will discuss the type of playground that could be installed based on the site review.
  • Third, we need to layout and estimate cost for a 6' to 8' wide hard surface trail along NE 85th Terr. Richard Allen will look at a possible trail from N Virginia east to the west park boundary at N. Boone. Trail should tie into the proposed playground and provide access to stream at some point. Also, Richard will explore feasibility of a connection along NE 85th Terr. east of N. Virginia to existing sidewalks and connections where possible with existing sidewalks on N. Virginia, N. Boone and other areas where it makes sense.
  • Fourth, potential nature trails will be outlined in the plan. Such trails will be basic using natural materials which could be constructed with volunteers, such as an Eagle Scout project. General trail guidelines will be provided in anticipation that specific trail alignments will occur when the trail is constructed.
  • The need for benches and landscape will be considered as is warranted as part of playground and trail improvements.
  • PR will look at possible installation of barriers to prevent vehicles from going into park around speed bumps on NE 85th. Terr.
  • We plan on scheduling a second meeting with Highland View Neighborhood in late October or early November to review PR proposal based on neighborhood input.

In response to your questions below, the trail or sidewalk connection east of N. Virginia will be looked at more closely. we agree that this should be done, even though the feedback from the meeting was that this connection may not be feasible and not a high priority.

Also, we will be sure to include the nature trail as a part of the plan. I don't know that we need to specifically layout the trail, but can provide sufficient guidance on what a nature trail should be like when it is constructed.

Again, thank you for your assistance in organizing this meeting on Highland View Park. it appears that we have established a good foundation for future park improvements.

Michael R. Herron, CPRP
North Region Manager
Kansas City, Missouri
Parks and Recreation
(816) 513-7523
Senior Admin. Assistant: Lorri Calandra